Release Notes for ATSsim 2.10.0

Release Date: 2020-Aug-07

ATSsim 2.10.0

    User Management - Added Active Account Indicator Feature

    Added an Active Account identifier icon to the User Management page in order to quickly identify those user accounts that are active or inactive.

    Deactivating Organizations Now Deactivates Its Licenses Fix

    When deactivating an organization, its licenses are now deactivated.

    User Management: Keep on Same Page After Edit Fix

    When refreshing the User Management page, the page and the filter settings are saved for the All Users table.

    Real-Time Collaboration Support Breakout Rooms Feature

    Added ability to create and join separate rooms as part of a collaborative video chat meeting.

Compass 2.3.0

    Viewing Observations Fix

    Fixed an issue that was not displaying the details of an observation in the key observation page.

Fusion 3.6.0

    Selecting Users During Hosting and Fusion Exercise Fix

    Fixed a defect when hosting a Fusion exercise and accessing User Management within a Fusion exercise. Update was to provide users of the hosting user's organization, users for the organization for which the exercise was built for, and any user that is a member of the an associated organization of the hosting user's organization.

    Map Location Bookmarks  Feature

    Added the ability to bookmark locations on the map and to return to bookmarked locations. Located on the Toolbar.

    Adjusted Location of the Toolbar  Fix

    Moved the Toolbar from top-center of the screen to the top-left to prevent UI elements from overlapping at certain screen sizes.

    Changed Location of KML Toggle  Fix

    Moved the KML Toggle from the side of the screen to the Map Toolbar.

    Move Coordinate Widget Fix

    Shifted the coordinate widget to the left to prevent it from being covered by the right navigation bar.

    Inject Preview Shows Incorrect Times Fix

    Fixed an issue where the inject preview was showing incorrect start and end dates/times.

    Add Labels to the Map Feature

    Users now have the ability to place text labels on the map. The labels can also be updated after they are placed on the map. Labels can be added to the map through the Add Label icon on the Map Toolbar.

Verity 2.8.0

    No changes for this release.