Release Notes for ATSsim 2.10.1

Release Date: 2020-Nov-05

ATSsim 2.10.1

    No changes, just overall patch version number updates to reflect changes to Compass, Fusion and Verity.

Fusion 3.6.1

    Fast Fowarding Injects Fix

    Fixed an issue that was causing the fast-forward button to not appear when there were still injects left in the exercise.

    Attaching Files to Injects Fix

    Fixed an issue that would not allow users to attach files to an inject.

    Label Scaling Feature

    Added scaling to user created map labels to help with readability at different zoom levels.

Compass 2.3.1

    Filter by Trend and Theme Feature

    Add the ability to filter promoted observations by themes and trends assigned to it.

    Export by Trend and Theme Feature

    Add the ability to filter the exported observations based on themes and trends.

    Sorted T&EO Tasks Feature

    Updated the Training Data tab to sort the T&EO Tasks for NGB CBRN Exercise Type.

    Added additional T&EO Tasks Fix

    Added additional CRE T&EO Task that were missing: HRF-CP-05, HRF-CP-06, HRF-CP-07, HRF-CP-08, HRF-CP-09, HRF-CP-10

    Error with SMS Message Contents Fix

    Updated the SMS message sent from within Compass to fix an error with whom the SMS message was sent from to properly display the name of the From Field.

    Update Observation Table and Promoted Observation Table Search Fix

    Updated the search feature to perform keyword search on more text fields within Observation and Promoted Observations.

    Updates to the Observer and Key Observation Pages Fix

    Changed any use of the term "Topic" to "Subject". Removed "Reason" from any observations. Added DOTMLPF fields for DOD-Joint Exercise Type. Increased the size of input text boxes.

    Fixed Validate Injects on the distribution list Fix

    Fixed an issue where Validate Injects was not checking the requirement for the distribution list field. Now if the distribution list field is not provided an error will be identified.

    Added additional JMETS Feature

    Added addition Joint Mission Essential Tasks (JMETS) to Compass under the Training Data for the DOD Joint Customer Type.

    Corrected fields on Key Observation Page for Exercise Types  Fix

    Fixed an issue where incorrect fields were being displayed in the Key Observation page. Now, depending on the Exercise Type, the correct fields are displayed along with the correct names.

Verity 2.8.1

    Error with ESRI Address Lookup Fix

    Due to a change with ESRI URL protocols, changed the protocol from http: to https: for the ESRI Address Lookup API used in Verity. This change fixes the issue of the Verity Address Lookup not working properly.

    Error with Time zones and Time Conversions Fix

    Dates and Times should now display properly no matter what time zone the exercise takes place in.