Release Notes for ATSsim 2.4.0

Release Date: 2019-Dec-20

ATSsim 2.4.0

    Track Users Logged In Feature

    Added functionality to track when a user logs in to ATSsim. Change also added feature to show who was currently logged in.

    ATS Admin Account Types Fix

    An update was made to ensure those users with an ATS Admin Account type could see all Compass exercises in Compass widget on their dashboard.

Compass 1.9.1

  • No changes with this ATSsim Release.

Fusion 3.4.0

  • No changes with this ATSsim Release

Verity 2.3.0

    Reporting Updates Fix

    Updated the LOGSTAT report generated in Verity Runtime to report fuel in gallons.

    Reporting Updates Fix

    Updated the SITREP report generated in Verity Runtime to ensure correct name of task organization is used in the report.

    Hosting a Verity Scenario Feature

    Updated the Verity Scenario Hosting process to move the Data Exchange Configuration to a new step/page.

    Updated the default name of the Data Exchange Output filename to be timestamp-exerciseName. The user can edit the name at this point.

    Added a quick select option to select all of a permission rights (Events, Chat, Shared Docs, Read-only) for all users.

    Updated the summary page to contain details of the Data Exchange set up

    Master Simulation Components - Icon Management Feature

    In the Manage Icons, added an Edit Action to enable a user to edit an icon and its descriptive metadata

    Master Simulation Components - Effect Management Fix

    Removed the Search and Extraction true/false property for effects. Changes were previously made to remove the use of the Search and Extraction property during Search and Extraction processing. Removed this property to avoid confusion on why it was still there when it is no longer used.

    Master Simulation Components - Icon Fully Qualified Names Fix

    Now when new icons are uploaded or changed, the file names are updated to be unique names to Verity to avoid users using invalid characters in file names that would cause the icons to not display.

    Search & Extraction Algorithm Update Fix

    Updated the Search and Extraction algorithm to calculate volume of the area to be search based on the length, width and height of the area instead of relying on ESRI transformation using a spatial reference ID.

    Decon Generators Fuel Reporting Issue Fix

    Fixed an issue where generators, that were out of fuel, were reporting fuel usage when attempting to enable on an action site. Before this fix, every time the action site is re-enabled it would record that fuel was used even though there wasn't any fuel to used.

    Search & Extraction Algorithm Update Feature

    Added Supply Management menu for Decontamination Sites (Decon Sites) and Vehicles entities to transfer or remove supplies from Decon Sites. Users now have the ability to transfer supplies out of or into a Decon site.

    Stacking of Entities - Decon Processing Fix

    Fixed an issue where if multiple entities finished processing through a Decon Site on the same tick as one another, the entities Icons stacked on top of each other when moving to the clean / done area. Now the entities are placed randomly in the clean area.

    Decon Action Sites- Removed context menus Fix

    Disabled the context menu for the sub-buildings/facilities of a Decon site (Attraction and Clean areas)

    Updated the context menu for Water Pump, Generators and Processing Tent/Area to only contain Placement-> Remove from Map and Placement -> Place by click.

    Removed context menu for supplies inside of a Processing Tent/Area.

    Radiation Levels Now Recorded Fix

    Fixed issue where radiation levels of Personnel entities in Vehicle Entities were not being recorded in the PERSTAT report when Vehicle Entity went through Decon Site. Radiation levels for all Personnel in a Vehicle Entity is now recorded.

    Inactive Action Sites Marked as Active Fix

    Fixed issue where inactive Actions Sites in the Verity Builder were being automatically marked as active after hosting of the exercise. When in the Verity Runtime Viewer, the Action Site was active. This update keeps the Action Site inactive in the Verity Runtime Viewer.

    Refuel Sites were not refuelling Fix

    Fixed an issue where refuelling Vehicle Entities in Verity Runtime was not working when the Refuel Sites was built in the Verity Builder.

    Refuel Sites were not refuelling Optimization

    Optimized the performance for placing entities on the map.

    Refuel Sites were not refuelling Feature

    Implemented the ability to refuel Generators that are within Action Sites.

    Cannot reposition entities in Decon Sites Fix

    Fixed an issue where users could not re-position icons on the map after Decon sites were created. The generators, processing area and water pump icons would stack on top of each other and the user could not place them elsewhere on the map.

    Issue mounting entities with children Fix

    Fixed an issue when a user attempted to mount entities that contained children. The children entities geometries (latitude and longitude) were not being updated to match the entity their of their parent.

    Editing Decon Sites with more than 1 Generator Fix

    Fixed an issue with editing Decon Sites that have more than one generator. In the past, only one generator shows up to edit. With this fix, all generators now show up during the edit session.

    Search and Extraction Calculations are incorrect Fix

    Fixed an issue with the calculation of Search and Extraction areas. The area to search was off the more and more that the search areas were further away from the New England region. This was because of the SRID we were using. Implementation was update to use a more universal SRID.

    Scenario Planning Service Feature

    Creation of a new service to aid in the planning of a Verity Exercise. During the planning phase, initial information is collected about the exercise (i.e., name, start date/time, planning team, initial task organization, initial files to be included in file sharing).