Release Notes for ATSsim 2.5.1

Release Date: 2020-Feb-28

ATSsim 2.5.1

  • No changes from previous version.

Compass 2.1.1

    Updated SMS Header Fix

    Updated the SMS Header sent from the Compass application to say ATS Compass.

    Compass Timer Gets Behind from Real Time Fix

    Over time a Compass exercise that is running in synch with real time, gets behind. Fixed an issue to keep the timer in a Compass in synch.

Fusion 3.4.0

  • No changes from previous version.

Verity 2.4.1

    Sort and Search for Icons Feature

    Added the ability to Sort and Search for Icons by name when editing and creating entities in Master Simulation Components

    Incorrect Types Sent to Data Exchange Fix

    Fixed an issue where entities were not filtered from KML data exchanged. Now only vehicles and aggregates are sent to data exchange for KML output.

    Disabled events do not stay disabled after hosting Fix

    Fixed an issue where events that were disabled in Verity Builder were enabled when the scenario was hosted and Verity Runtime was entered. Now events stay disabled.

    Default Sort: Exercise Library Feature

    Updated the default sort order for Verity Exercises in the Exercise Library to be sorted on changed date/time.