Release Notes for ATSsim 2.6.0

Release Date: 2020-Mar-24

ATSsim 2.6.0

    User Login History Feature

    Added ability to track user logins (timestamp, browser and browser version) and display a history or log of those login.

    Incorrect Error Message - Register for Account Fix

    Updated the error message sent to the user when they attempt to register for an account with the same user name.

    Display Issue with User Management and Organization Management Fix

    Under the Adminstration Dashboard, fixed an issue where the User Management and Organization Management page was behind the left-hand navigation bar.

Compass 2.1.1

  • No changes.

Fusion 3.5.0

    Organization Associations Feature

    Fusion users can now be set up in User Management, to be associated with different organizations. This association is used to enable that user to perform several functions within Fusion:

    • Build exercise for that associated organization.

    • Host exercise for that organization, pulling participants from that associated organization.

    Map Label Names Fix

    When role players in a Fusion exercise create pin/markers on the map, the correct label/name chosen by that users will now display properly on all role players screens.

    Highlight Emails Selected Fix

    During an exercise, when a user has selected an email to view, the selected email is now highlight to remind the user which email they are viewing

    Delete Draft Emails Fix

    During an exercise, when a user chooses to delete a Draft Email, the Draft Email will now be deleted.

    Email Field Validation  Fix

    During an exercise, when a user is drafting an email, Fusion now validates that all required fields are present.

    Pandemic Scenario Type Feature

    Added a Pandemic Scenario Type under the Human-Caused and Technological scenario categories.

    Exercise Start Date/Time Error  Fix

    Fixed an issue where the Exercise Start Date/Time that was displayed in the Fusion Widget was incorrect.

Verity 2.5.0

    Publish Task Organizations Feature

    User's now have the ability to publish task organizations. This is useful there are portions of your task organization structure that you would like to publish to be used in other exercise or by other users. The user can publish the task organization during exercise build time or during exercise runtime. Simply select the portion of the task organization and select Publish Task Org from the context menu. At this point the user will select the name to publish the task organization under.

    Once the task organization has been published, it must be approved by a Verity Administrator. This is accomplished in the Master Simulation Components management page, by selecting Published Task Organizations. The Verity Administrator will then either approve or deny the task organization

    User can now build up their task organizations either in the Verity Builder or Verity Runtime, by selecting the task organization node and selecting the Create from Published Taskorg menu. A popup will be displayed allowing the user to select from all of the approved task organizations. At this point the user can also add a suffix (optional) to the end of each of the task organization elements or update elements of the task organization prior to adding the task organization to the current task organization.

    Mosaic KML Support Feature

    Added the ability to repair invalid KML and properly render it on the map. This can correct mistakes made during KML creation.

    Nusura SimulationDeck Integration Feature

    Added support of integrating social media (Bleats and SimBook posts) from Nusura SimulationDeck through the ATSsim Data Exchange Service. These social media posts are displayed both on the Verity Runtime Map and in a Social Media feed.

    Auto-add Participants During Hosting Feature

    Now during the Hosting process, the user that is hosting the exercise is automatically added to the Participant list as a Facilitator. Support was also added to automatically add the ATS Application Support users as a Facilitator.

    Cut-n-Paste For Stations Fix

    Re-enabled Cut-n-Paste for users that are playing a Station Role. This capability was disabled in the past.

    Search Task Organization Feature

    Users now have the ability to search and find elements within their Task Organization.

    View Entity History Feature

    Added the ability to view the revision/change history of entities from the Manage Entities page in Master Simulation Components Page.