Release Notes for ATSsim 2.8.0

Release Date: 2020-May-31

ATSsim 2.8.0

    Exercise Management Permissions Fix

    Fixed an issue to give those with the Fusion and Verity Admin roles permissions to access the Exercise Management utility with the Adminstration Dashboard.

Compass 2.2

    Exporting Select Injects Fix

    Fixed an issue to allow Compass users to selectively choose which injects to export from within their exercise. Prior to this fix, this feature did not export the selected injects.

    Key Observations / Lessons Learned Identification Feature

    Added support to the Compass Observer tool to identify key observations, themes and trends. This can be used to begin to identify those observations that may lead into a Lesson Learned process.

Fusion 3.5.0

  • No changes.

Verity 2.7.0

    Cannot move Aggregates from a Published Task Organizations Fix

    Fixed an issue where if an aggregate, from within a published task organization, is brought into an exercise and the user attempts to move that aggregate, the aggregate will not move. This issue has been resolved and the aggregate will move when requested.

    Issue with De-Aggregating a Moving Aggregate Fix

    Fixed an issue to not allow a user to De-Aggregate a moving aggregate. If the user would like to de-aggregate a moving aggregate they must first cancel the aggregate's movement, prior to de-aggregating the aggregate.

    Periodic Issue with Archiving KML/GeoJSON from Data Exchange Fix

    Fixed an issue where, periodically, KML or GeoJSON was not being properly archived during the specified interval.

    Multi-Polygon KML Issue Resolved: Toggling KML on and off and Jumping to KML  Fix

    Fixed an issue with Multi-polygon KML not toggling on and off properly. Also in this fix, an update was made to fix an issue jumping to a specific multi-polygon KML.

    Support for Symbol Identification Codes (MIL-STD 2525D) Feature

    Added support (optional), for identifying the MIL-STD 2525D Symbol Identification Code for Icons used in Verity.

    Added MIL-STD 2525D Symbol Identification Code to KML / GeoJSON Exchange Output Feature

    If an icon has an associated MIL-STD 2525D Symbol Identification Code, the Data Exchange service will add that Symbol Identification Code as an extension to the generated KML and GeoJSON.

    Searching Task Organization with Special Characters Fix

    Fixed an issue to support searching the Task Organizations with special characters (non-alphanumeric).

    Conversion Error: First Entry in Manage Entity Attribute Class Fix

    Fixed an issue where the first entry displayed in the Entity Attribute Class was not displayed/converted correctly.